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Bob Hurley RV sells more RVs than anyone in Oklahoma, therefore, we give you choices. You can upgrade your current RV by trading it for a newer model, you can sell it to us for cash, or we can sell it for you on our free consignment program.
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Market Value vs. Book Value = You Get More $$

Think about it. If the appraisal books were actual guides based on "market value" there is absolutely no way they could be based on current market conditions. Here is why: Many guide books are only issued 3 times a year and they are printed a couple of months prior to release. This means that the average guide book is based on data that is 6 months old at best. This is the main reason many dealers automatically bid trades up to 30% behind the guide books. Do you want your RV appraised based on old data by dealers that don't trust the guides?

The reputable guide books will have disclaimers stating that the values listed are for "Average RVs" in "Average Condition" and that "Valuations will vary depending on market conditions".

The Bob Hurley RV appraisal team has over 45 years combined RV experience and a nationwide connection to wholesale and retail buyers of RVs like yours. Your RV will be appraised by a real person using real time market value pricing based on demand, condition of the RV and market conditions.

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