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FEMA Trailers and Campers For Sale

fema trailers for sale

FEMA has unloaded over 140,000 travel trailers purchased after natural disasters in America that were built and ordered for temporary houses but now labeled 'not suitable for housing' by the US Government. Many of these travel trailers were moved into contaminated flood zones where displaced residents used them while their neighborhood was cleaned up and all housing structures were sanitized. Even though residents were warned against reclaiming personal items contaminated by floodwaters, they could not resist bringing momento's, clothing and other personal items into these campers. 

Here are some considerations before purchasing one of these travel trailers:

  • The US Government labeled them 'not suitable for housing' before selling them to resellers
  • The US Government chose not to sell these FEMA units directly to the public
  • Flood Zones are Bio-Hazard areas
  • Most FEMA built trailers are not self-contained, therefore not suitable for camping
  • Many FEMA trailers were not properly maintained and have roof leaks and missing parts and no keys
  • Most FEMA resellers will only sell them 'as is' meaning the buyer assumes all risks
  • Many FEMA trailers have missing titles
  • Most of the trailers have not been tested for LP leaks, creating a potentially life-threatening situation

Therefore, we do not recommend purchasing FEMA trailers.

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